25 years is a long time.

The REC Solar Operations and Maintenance team protects our customers’ solar investment over the 25+ year lifespan of their systems. Our dedicated solar maintenance service teams perform the repair, cleaning and monitoring services required to optimize system performance.

Comprehensive Operations and Maintenance Services

With two decades of solar maintenance experience, a nationwide presence, and hundreds of megawatts of business, government and utility projects in our portfolio, we have the knowledge and resources needed to keep your system running at peak performance. Our flexible and cost-effective solutions will maximize and protect your solar investment for years to come.
Our Services Include:
REC Solar Operations and Maintenance Services

Preventative PV system maintenance

Warranty administration

Module washing

Vegetation control

Accelerated field response

Curve tracing

Infrared tools for diagnosing issues

REC Solar Operations and Maintenance Services

System monitoring


Dashboards: internal and customer facing (for marketing)

Mobile data access

REC Solar Operations and Maintenance Services

3rd party system commissioning

DAS/SCADA upgrades

Inverter replacement

Module replacement

Reroofing support

Extensive Experience in Solar Servicing

We maintain the largest solar farm in Hawaii, portfolios of sites for Fortune 500 companies, and hundreds of smaller facilities across the nation. We are experts in managing a variety of project types.
We Maintain

Rooftop solar systems

Carport installations

Fixed tilt ground-mount systems

Ground-mount systems with single or dual-axis trackers

“REC Solar’s O&M team has been extremely reliable. They assure our solar system performs optimally and provides consistent power, as promised.”
Tina Montgomery, Sonoma Mountain Village

Competitive Prices

Our size and purchasing power allow us to offer competitive prices nationwide while providing excellent  solar maintenance service.

We are consistently rated as one of the most affordable and reliable service providers in the industry.

Technical Excellence

We are familiar with all available technology and can maintain and repair equipment from all manufacturers.

Solid Guarantees

Our teams are fully-bonded and have impeccable safety records. We take great pride in our work and stand behind the quality of our service.

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