Delivering the sustainable energy infrastructure needed to electrify and decarbonize commercial vehicles and fleets.

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Lower Costs

Of electricity through solar generation + battery energy storage and decreased maintenance & fuel expenses.

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Expand Sustainability

From pilot to roll-out, use zero emissions, clean renewable energy to power your fleets and electric vehicles.

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Add Resiliency

Implement a microgrid that helps you control energy use when the grid is available and island to continue charging when it isn’t.

Calculate your electric fleet fuel savings.

Emissions Free Commercial EV Charging

There is no one size fits all view when it comes to transitioning to electrified fleets. That’s why we offer a wide range of solutions that combine scalable technologies, services and financing to fit your electrification transition.
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Our solar fleet charging solutions include:

  • Emissions free and cost cutting generation with onsite solar
  • Incorporation if battery energy storage to shift loads and demands
  • Integration of full resilient backup to continue operations when the grid is down
  • Smart infrastructure solutions that leverage existing distributed generation and energy efficiency
  • Long term renewables service agreements that optimize and decarbonize full life cycle
  • Flexible financing, from physical and virtual power purchase agreements (PPAs and VPPAs)

Sustainability Advantages of EV Fleet and Electrification

The transportation sector is now seen as the top carbon emissions industry segment in the US. But it’s not just what comes out of every internal combustion engine (ICE) tail pipe. If the energy used to power your fleet is based on fossil fuels, it is not emissions free. The great news is that by combining solar generation with energy storage and EV fleet charging, you not only cut emissions from your energy supply chain, you also gain far greater returns on your investments.

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Autonomous Driving and Commercial EV Fleets

Did you know that electrifying your fleets brings other advantages besides cleaner air, lower emissions and much lower costs of fuel and maintenance? Going electric means you also gain the advantages of computers on wheels. Autonomous driving features can prevent trucks from bumping into loading docks or buses software updates while on the go. So besides lowering emissions and energy bills by transitioning to EV fleets, you also lower risks through greater vehicle automation.

Solar +Electric Fleet Charging

We can help you assess and develop your electrification plans. Let’s get started.

What’s New in Fleet Electrification?

Anaheim Transportation
Network (ATN)

Learn how we’re working with ATN and AMPLY to finance EV Charging Infrastructure-as-a-Service for 46 electric buses. The solution includes 545 kW solar parking canopy that will provide 25% of the charging systems’ total expected energy consumption, saving an estimated $4.6 million in fuel costs over 20 years.

Big ideas connect EV charging
with the grid

Coming Soon: new Beyond the Meter podcast episode, NRDC’s Catherine Kummer, who advises the American Cities Climate Challenge, joins Michael Luhrs from Duke Energy and host John Failla of Smart Energy Decisions to discuss what’s driving EV charging ecosystems and the shift from ICE fleets to electrification nationwide.

Solar Microgrids give EVs
a resilient boost

Reliably charging a fleet of electric vehicles requires solutions that keep electricity costs at their lowest when the grid is up and operations running when the electric grid is down. Check out our spectrum of solar-powered microgrids and resiliency solutions that can be scaled to fit your electrification demands.

Committed to Fleet Electrification by 2030

For the past 20+ years, REC Solar has developed more than 800 solar, energy storage, resiliency/microgrid sites for commercial and public sector customers across the US. We’re now putting our resources and experience to work to help commercial, industrial and public sector clients nationwide transition to EV fleets.

We should know as we’re making the shift ourselves.

REC Solar is a non-regulated affiliate of Duke Energy, a Fortune 150 company and one of the largest energy holding companies in the U.S., In September 2020, Duke Energy pledged to convert in its regulated markets most of its current 10,000-vehicle fleet to electric or another zero-carbon alternative in just 10 years. It’s a move that reduces CO2 emissions by 60,000 metric tons and petroleum usage by 10 million gallons annually.

Learn more: Duke Energy advances climate strategy with aggressive pledge to electrify vehicle fleet by 2030

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