Solar Is Bright.
Microgrids Make It Even Brighter.

microgrid ebook schneider electric rec solar

Unleash the full power of solar.

Solar power delivers many benefits for your business and the environment. But on its own, it’s limited. Facilities often lack the technology and infrastructure to self-consume the solar they produce. And solar is grid-tied: if the grid goes down, solar does too.

By adding a microgrid to your energy system, you get the sophisticated control you need to use solar power when, and how, it benefits you most. Use it to keep the lights on during outages or leverage solar as a revenue stream or part of a cost-avoidance strategy.

Ensure an even brighter future with solar and microgrid technology. This eBook includes information about:

  • How do microgrids work?
  • How can microgrids increase the value of your solar array?
  • Is your business a good candidate for a microgrid?

microgrid ebook schneider electric rec solar

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