Energy costs should be predictable and manageable.

As all public sector organizations look to offset high energy costs and achieve renewable energy goals, solar has become a critical part of their energy strategy. REC Solar has extensive experience working with K-12 schools, universities, municipalities, federal agencies and others in the public sector.

Solar Energy for Schools and the Public Sector

Proven Public Expertise

Over the last 20 years, REC Solar has worked with dozens of local and statewide schools, universities, and public sector clients on solar projects for individual sites, as well as portfolios with multiple sites. Watch our Solar 101 for Schools presentation to learn more!

California businesses and residents have been supporters of solar energy for decades, and the state’s public sector is continuining that trend. Leading the way with 1,946 school buildings, California accounts for more than 50% of the 910 MW of solar deployed on schools throughout the United States. A recent report estimates that nearly 4 million children attend schools powered by solar electricity.

“Solar can help school districts save millions on electricity bills, freeing up funds for additional teachers, improved facilities, and enhanced academic and extracurricular programs,” said Andrea Luecke, president and executive director of The Solar Foundation. “In addition to cost savings, solar energy installations can serve as hands-on STEM laboratories for students to learn about clean energy from the sun.”   – “Solar Takes Educators To School”, PV Magazine.

REC Solar is a California-based leading provider of solar solutions for colleges, universities and school districts. We seek to bring energy savings and sustainability practices to public and private educational institutions. With 100+ completed solar projects for schools totaling 30+ megawatts, REC Solar brings robust experience in overseeing project completions from design, financing, construction, to maintenance. We also strive to go the extra mile by developing solar curriculum and other means of academic enrichment for our school clients.

According to the National Solar Schools Census, there are 3,752 K-12 schools with solar installations, which means nearly 2.7 million American students attend schools with solar energy systems. It’s estimated that over 30 years the schools will collectively see $2.8 billion in energy savings. Beyond the progressive message it sends to students, parents, and the community, it’s simply a smart financial investment in energy security and savings.

More from the Solar Foundation’s report, Brighter Future: A Study on Solar in U.S. Schools:

“The 3,727 PV systems have a combined capacity of 490 megawatts (MW), and generate roughly 642,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity each year,equivalent to $77.8 million worth of utility bills and enough clean, renewable energy to offset 50 million gallons of gasoline.”

“Solar potential remains largely untapped. Of the 125,000 K-12 schools in the country, up to 72,000 schools (60%) can “go solar” cost-effectively. Approximately 450 individual schools districts have the potential to save more than $1 million over 30 years by installing a solar PV system.”

Are you a school, university, or public institution curious about solar? Contact REC Solar today to review financing options, ROI details, and case studies to get your solar questions answered.

Customers Include

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Solar Energy for Water Utilities

Organizations with significant land holdings and large reliable power consumption can benefit greatly from solar energy, either with self-generation or power purchase agreements (PPAs). These benefits often extend to major pipelines, distribution systems, wastewater collection systems, and water and wastewater treatment facilities.

The energy expenses of a water or wastewater utility can be astronomical – far more than the cost of water treatment or other essential functions. California Water and Wastewater Special Districts alone spend more than $11 billion per year on electricity. Whether a utility chooses to pursue a PPA relationship or install its own solar facility, comprehensive knowledge and documented experience in designing and building solar generation systems is essential to success. Selecting a partner with long-term stability to support operations and maintenance will ensure that your water utility will operate for decades to come.

Seamless End-to-End Services

REC Solar offers all the services needed to develop, finance, build and operate your solar project. We’ve found that having everything in-house increases customer satisfaction and helps us maximize savings over the life of our projects.

Beyond that, we strive to be a true energy partner by handling all the details of working with developers, sub-contractors or other partners that might be involved in the project.

Power Purchase Agreements Available

Power Purchase Agreements are a great way for the public sector to go solar for no money down. REC Solar offers comprehensive financing options, including a PPA that is backed by Duke Energy, one of the largest energy companies in the world.

A System to Meet Your Needs

rec solar public sector services carports
rec solar public sector services ground mounts
rec solar public sector services roof mounts
To maximize energy production in the space available, our engineering and project teams can create the right mix of canopies, ground mount or roof mount systems.

For projects like the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center, we found creative solutions and built a system that included a roof-mounted system, ground mount and carport roof system to maximize energy offset.

Featured Case Study

Veteran Affairs Portfolio

23 projects, 33 megawatts

Success Stories


Blue Lake Rancheria

447.83 kW AC + 950 kWh capacity
Blue Lake, CA

A tribal nation adds microgrid and energy resiliency that pays for itself.


Pleasanton USD

1 MW DC + 660 kWh capacity
Pleasanton, CA

Supporting the mission that our students will make a better world.


Redwood City School District

494.5 kW DC
Redwood City, CA

Sustainable and stable energy in Redwood City’s schools.


United States Army Reserve

280 kW DC

Collaboration between the Army Reserve and REC Solar helps the Army move towards their Net Zero Goals.


Ventura County

4.53 MW DC
Ventura County, CA

Leading the way in public-sector clean energy investments.


Pittsburg Unified School District

3.49 MW DC
Pittsburg, CA

Offsetting energy costs across the district.


CSU Fullerton

1.16 MW DC
Fullerton, CA

Leading the California State University system in renewable energy adoption.


FAA Tracon

1.15 MW DC
Mather AFB, CA

The FAA’s largest green initiative and recipient of the Outstanding Department of Transportation Sustainability Achievement Award.


Dept. of Veterans Affairs

30.89 MW DC

Reducing energy costs for VA sites across the nation.

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