Solar Power is a Competitive Business Advantage

While product roadmaps, hiring plans and sales strategies are common at every business, it is far less typical for companies to have an energy strategy. At the same time, high energy users could be spending hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a year. Imagine how that could be leveraged to power the business forward!
Ways to make energy a differentiator

Reduce Operating Overhead: Less money spent on monthly electricity bills means higher profit margins.

Reinvest Savings: Predictable monthly savings help fund growth activities or other investments.

Generate Business Value: Energy investments can increase the value of your property or facility, and create goodwill amongst employees and customers.

Create a Brand Platform: Use sustainability messaging to engage with your customers.

Get Creative: Use solar carports for weather protection to enhance your customer experience. Find other unique ways to add value or create savings.

Creative Ways to Generate Greater Business Value with Solar

At REC Solar we specialize in building creative energy solutions that ultimately generate more customer value than they would receive working with another solar provider.

Cal Poly: Creative Education Solutions

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is a leading university with the motto “Learn by Doing.” As part of the 4.5 MW (AC) solar farm we are building at Cal Poly, we are collaborating on integrating the solar farm into student curriculum via coursework and an on-campus R&D lab. The solar project shows the schools commitment to innovation and sustainability, a valuable brand building and recruiting tool.

Waianae Solar Farm: Creative Community Solutions

The largest solar farm in Hawaii is generating the cheapest source of renewable power for the state’s utility. To help reduce impact on the natural landscape and community, we constructed the site as a “no import, no export” project, using an onsite rock quarry to crush any removed rocks and reuse it as gravel onsite. These types of ideas help generate community goodwill and reduce environmental impact.

Taylor Farms: Creative Technical Solutions

When Taylor Farms evaluated adding wind and co-generation plants at their facility in Gonzales, California, our analysts helped evaluate the energy data and evaluate how the sites solar array would work together to maximize energy production.

Turn Energy into a Competitive Business Advantage

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