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Partnering with REC Solar

Become a certified REC Solar Partner

If you are an energy consultant, solar sales professional, engineer, or a solar project developer, REC Solar will pay you for projects you refer to us that we contract and build. We offer competitive terms in our referral agreement and with over 580 commercial projects built across the United States, we’ll get your project done!

Qualifying Project Characteristics:

  • 500KW or more in CA and HI or 1MW elsewhere in the continental US
  • Roofs, carports, single axis trackers only
  • REC Solar reserves the right to select equipment
  • REC Solar offers various financing options on any projects we build
  • Cash or customer source financing

REC Solar commercial partners subcontractors


If you are looking to build or participate in a project that REC Solar is overseeing, become an approved subcontractor.

After pre-qualifying, you’ll receive online access to bid on jobs and grow your business.

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If you are interested in becoming a sales referral partner or sub-contractor, or are interested in getting access to financing for a solar project, please start by completing this form.

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