Cost-effective, resilient and sustainable energy solutions

When it comes to investing in an energy infrastructure, you need resilient and sustainable options that can pencil out, without putting strain on your budget.

No matter your energy goals, our team can connect you to a suite of solutions designed to help your business reach its sustainability and operational goals – all while keeping your bottom line in mind.

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Customer Success Stories

Want to learn more about how our sustainable energy solutions are helping organizations reach their goals? Check out some of our customer success stories below.

Cut Your Energy Spend: The Home Depot

The Home Depot is working to cut emissions by 50% while also dramatically decreasing energy spend. The company is focused on energy efficiency, optimization of building controls, and investments in solar and energy storage. Across nine stores, the company worked with REC Solar to install nearly 4 MW of rooftop solar, including their first solar carports. They also are installing battery energy storage systems to shift load and lower peak demand charges.

Reliable, resilient backup power: Grifols Therapeutics

For Grifols’ Therapeutics, backup power is essential for maintaining sensitive operations.

Duke Energy designed flexible, centralized backup power that supports Grifols’ sophisticated operations at a lower cost than multiple, dispersed generators. This cost-effective solution also saves the company time and effort. Duke Energy handled the design, permitting, construction and commissioning of the generation farm and continues to manage the ongoing testing, fueling, maintenance and repairs.

*This project was performed by Duke Energy’s Business Energy Services team. Duke Energy One leverages these specialists to deliver innovative solutions to customers.

Emissions reduction at scale – and within budget: Ball Corporation

From aluminum cans and reusable cups to aerospace solutions, Ball Corporation is recognized for its global leadership in manufacturing and sustainable packaging. In 2019, Ball signed a 15-year VPPA with Duke Energy Renewables. That single agreement for 161 MW of emissions-free wind power helps Ball meet 50% of its current U.S. energy needs and cut emissions from every can and bottle they produce.

A microgrid that can pay for itself: DHX – Dependable Hawaiian Express

By working with REC Solar, DHX installed a solar-powered microgrid on its Honolulu distribution center.

When grid outages occur, DHX can island from the grid, using the solar generation to power operations during the day and stored energy in the batteries to continue into night. The solar plus energy storage microgrid also pays for itself when the grid is up by shifting load to less expensive, off-peak hours. That load shifting saves DHX more than $70,000 annually in energy costs. The emissions reductions are crucial to DHX’s goal to achieve zero net energy.

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