A partner who will get the job done right.

REC Solar has 20 years of experience providing solar projects that are on time, low-cost and with exceptional quality. We bring differentiated value that other EPC providers simply cannot offer.

In-House Turnkey Solutions

Everything from project management and design, to construction, operations and maintenance are performed in-house by REC Solar, streamlining projects and lowering your costs. We have extensive experience building rooftop, ground mounted and carport systems.
REC Solar Commercial EPC Services Roof Mounts

Large rooftops are the most popular locations for commercial solar installations. We have completed hundreds of these installations across the United States.

REC Solar Commercial EPC Services Ground Mounts

Ground-mounted solar projects often achieve the highest ROI by allowing for optimal system sizing, design and layout, improving both constructability and long-term energy yields.

REC Solar Commercial EPC Services Carports

Companies without space for a rooftop or ground mounted system have the option to make good use of other available areas with elevated structures like a carport or canopy.

Proven Expertise

REC Solar has built the largest solar project in Hawaii, the second largest in Washington state, one of the largest private rooftop projects in Texas, and projects for many of the leading corporate energy buyers in the world. Whether you need a 300kW system for one facility or a utility-scale solar farm, we know how to make your project successful.
Put simply, we have hundreds of happy customers and have proven our ability to deliver.

REC Solar installations at Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Dept. of Veterans Affairs

23 Sites Nationwide
The Veteran Affairs Portfolio of projects includes 33 megawatts of solar across the nation.

REC Solar installations at Dole Plantation in Hawaii


Waialua, HI
The legendary fresh foods producer wanted a more sustainable energy source for Dole Plantation and their fruit processing facility.

REC Solar installations at Waianae Solar

Waianae Solar

Waianae, HI
The Eurus Energy Waianae Solar project is the largest solar farm in Hawaii.

Your Solar Construction Partner

A Secure, Reliable Partner

You want a partner that has been around the block and that you can be confident will build high quality, cost-effective projects.

REC Solar has two decades of experience, has built hundreds of solar projects, and is owned by Duke Energy, the largest utility in the United States.

Proven Experience
20 years in business
Hundreds of solar installations

Nationwide Experience

Map of United States showing REC Solar commercial installations

We build successful projects all over the nation.

If you have sites in multiple states, with REC Solar, you get the consistent quality you need and the ease of working with just one solar provider.

The Purchasing Power of Duke Energy

Being owned by Duke Energy has helped us save millions in materials costs each year for our customers. By buying modules, inverters and other components through the integrated Duke/REC Solar supplier team, we can pass on significant savings.

duke energy logo

A Vast Network of Suppliers and Subcontractors

If needed, we can supplement our own self-perform capabilities by working with our extensive network of suppliers and subcontractors. Our subcontractor network gives us the ability to scale and build projects across geographies in a cost-competitive way. Rather than work with just one equipment supplier, we offer customers choice and maintain a wide range of approved suppliers offering best-in-class solutions.

Powerful Project Management Tools

REC Solar leverages tools like Procore, a leading project management platform, to manage document control, quality and safety inspections, punch lists and communications with vendors, sub-contractors and clients. Our customers have real-time visibility into project status at any moment.

procore logo

Safety & Quality of Work Continuously and Throughout

Safety is part of our culture and we do all we can to protect our staff, your staff, your customers and the environment.

NABCEP certification pv installation professional logo

Safety Highlights Include

Site specific safety, quality, testing and commissioning plans for each project

In-house safety and quality inspection team

Excellent safety record

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