Save More with Commercial Solar Energy Storage

Solar generation cuts monthly energy bills and emissions. Energy storage amplifies those savings by shaving demand and controlling usage costs. Storage also helps eliminate the need for costly, seldom-used, high-emitting “peaker plants” that utilities build to keep up with demand spikes. Combining solar and storage creates more ways to save and can be a winning combination for customers with the right energy profile.

How Energy Storage Works

The curve created by the up and down movement of your monthly energy bills is called the load profile. Businesses with a lot of fluctuation have a “spiky” load associated with drastic shifts throughout the day in how much energy they are consuming. Storage helps reduce that spike.

Components of an energy storage system:

solar energy storage overview
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During daylight, your solar system uses batteries to store excess energy it generates.

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Intelligent software coordinates between solar and storage, optimizing how and when energy is utilized.

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Stored energy can be released:

  • When rates are high
  • To keep supply at a consistent level and avoid peak demand charges
  • To stay below a certain energy use threshold and avoid moving into a higher rate tariff

+ Storage — Is It Right For You?

Whether you are seeking more ways to lower energy costs and add predictability to your energy future — or are concerned about grid outages and want to invest in more batteries and software to continue power to critical loads — solar +storage may be right for you. Here are some resources to help you explore and learn more.
REC Solar commercial resource library

REC Solar Energy Storage Overview

Our energy storage service offerings.

REC Solar commercial resource library best practices

Solar + Storage Discussion

Solar Tea Time Webcast

REC Solar commercial resource library best practices

How to Prepare for Utility Policy Changes with Solar + Storage

Solar Tea Time Webcast

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We Handle Everything, from Financing to Maintenance

Not many solar companies can provide the full set of services needed to bring together a successful solar and storage project. We have proven expertise in both these areas and offer all services in-house, making for a more seamless and successful implementation.

rec solar commercial energy storage services

rec solar commercial energy storage services

Best-in-Class Solutions

As onsite renewable energy experts, it’s our business to know the best battery, panel, inverter, software and controls vendors on the market today. Integrate value so your operations can sustain for years to come.

Flexible and Custom Financing Options

We offer a PPA solution with competitive rates, as well as a cash purchase option. REC Solar is an approved developer for the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), meaning we can apply for rebates on behalf of our customers.


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