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Our sustainable energy solutions are designed to help your organization achieve cost savings, sustainability goals and resiliency.

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commercial renewables solution map
offsite renewable energy generation
  • Offtake large-scale wind and solar generation under a virtual PPA.
  • Participate nationwide with generation in all power markets and resources managed from a Renewable Control Center.
  • Tap energy storage for enhanced grid reliability and availability at scale.
duke energy cloud management
  • Use intelligent monitoring, informed analytics and automated controls for near real-time management.
  • Monitor systems 24x7x365 to assure your energy infrastructure is operating well and able to respond to changing needs on the ground.
  • Control and operate by site or manage a network of resources across multiple sites and locations.
electrical and mechanical systems graphic
  • Tap energy efficiency and Energy Infrastructure-as-a-Service strategies for CUP, CHP, compressed air, HVAC, lighting, and other systems.
  • Optimize both behind the meter and in front of the meter systems.
  • Use efficiency and management assessments to inform and justify energy cost savings improvements.
  • Complete end-of-life audits and develop road maps to update systems that are a drag on your bottom line.
electrical and mechanical systems graphic
  • Leverage highly scalable, on-site and community generation such as solar, combined heat & power (CHP), central utility plant (CUP), and generators.
  • Affordably add energy storage from batteries, fuel cells and/or generators to create required resiliency, lower overall usage, and tap energy arbitrage.
  • Increase savings further by implementing Demand Response and other programs that reduce load during utility peak events.
electrical and mechanical systems graphic
  • Cost-effectively implement microgrids using new and existing solar, energy storage, generators and/or fuel cells.
  • Achieve resiliency goals through multi-mode microgrid operations to nonstop operations for mission critical facilities and systems.
  • Finance electricity backup and microgrids under one agreement or via a Microgrid-as-a-Service.
electrical and mechanical systems graphic
  • Power your electrification transition with on-site solar, microgrids, charging and electrification infrastructure, and Fleet Charging-as-a-Service.
  • Assure fleets operate smoothly using microgrids to eliminate supply chain disruptions.
  • Future-proof by analyzing demand and making on-site infrastructure “charger ready” today.
  • Achieve lowest TCO with advanced EV Charging-as-a-Service.
electrical and mechanical systems graphic
  • Virtual and physical power purchase agreements (PPAs)
  • Energy Infrastructure-as-a Service
  • Cash and hybrid arrangements
  • Design-build, operate, and maintain (O&M)
  • Community solar & aggregation
  • Acquisition and project finance
  • Tap our extensive knowledge of incentives & tax credits too
electrical and mechanical systems graphic
  • From EPC to EOL, tap our broad and deep pool of highly experienced energy design, procurement, construction, and operations professionals.
  • Reduce risk by choosing from standard O&M service options up to Energy Infrastructure-as-a-Service.
  • Leverage remote monitoring and controls to automate and accelerate issue resolution.
  • Benefit from our broad network of solutions provider relationships whose services can be bundled into our agreements.
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State License Information: As of June 2020, REC Solar holds the following state licenses: AZ: #289731, #289730 | CA: #990001 | CO: #7 | FL: # EC13004936 | GA: #EN217105 | HI: #33433 | MD: #7148 | NC: #29621-U | NJ: #34EI01823500 | NM: #390852 | NV: #0080860 | OH: #46604 | OR: #205720 | RI: #41331 | SC: #G120505, #M114134 | TN: #70164 | TX: #31257 | UT: #9088066-5501 | VA: #2705164997 | WA: RECSOSC859LC, UBI# 603495533