Announcing the Winner of our Solar Energy Comic Book Contest!

We had so many amazing submissions for our Megawatts comic book sequel contest! All the submissions had compelling characters and really great storylines about renewable energy, so it was a really tough decision to pick only one for our next comic book. But we are excited to announce our official winner!

solar comic book contest winnerThe winning storyboard is called “Blackout”, and it was written by Gavin Hiller, age 12. Gavin’s favorite color is navy blue, his favorite subject in school is science (because it’s fun!), and if he were a member of the Megawatts superhero team, he would be Battery Storage, because he likes batteries. He was inspired to participate in the comic book competition because he likes to write.  Gavin will receive a $500 cash prize, and the storyboard for “Blackout” will be transformed into a professionally developed comic book!

We loved this story because it was an exciting depiction of a real-life threat to the way we use energy today – one that many of us have experienced first-hand. We don’t want to give away the ending, but we think you’ll really love the way our superheroes handle this threat and save the day.

Stay tuned for the finished version of the Megawatts Sequel: Blackout – coming soon!

Did you read our first comic book, The MegaWatts Take on Lord Global Warming and His Army of Greenhouse Gases? If you didn’t, make sure you check it out to learn more about the positive impact of renewables and energy storage on the environment (and on the economy). Click here for the free download!

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