A Solar+Storage eBook from REC Solar and Duke Energy Renewables

Combining solar and energy storage helps to mitigate grid variability and can dramatically reduce costly demand charges for commercial energy customers.

solar plus storage savings

If you’re involved in energy management for a business, school or public facility, you may be aware of energy storage and how it can improve solar PV utilization, while reducing costs.

But did you know that combining solar and storage from the outset can bring even greater benefits? With all the recent technological and political developments, it can be confusing to understand how solar plus storage can impact your facility specifically.

    In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How to analyze your site to see if solar plus
    storage works for you
  • Project financing options: Power Purchase Agreement
    (PPA) or cash?
  • Design, deployment, and operations best practices

You’ll also see a case study of a groundbreaking solar-plus-storage project in northern California and get answers to questions frequently asked by other energy management professionals.

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