Announcing our new comic book sequel “Blackout”

In honor of Earth Day, REC Solar is pleased to release the long-awaited sequel to the Megawatts comic book.

megawatts solar comic book sequel“Blackout” was written and submitted by Gavin Hiller during our comic book contest for kids and really demonstrated a keen understanding for the role renewable energy and microgrids have in keeping the power on! The story features a familiar cast of characters, “The Megawatts”, getting help from a few new friends to tackle global warming and some new villains. Will “The Megawatts” once again prevail and protect Bloomington from disaster? You’ll have to read the comic book to find out!

Download your copy today:

If you missed the original “Megawatts” comic from Earth Day last year, you can view it here: The MegaWatts Take on Lord Global Warming and His Army of Greenhouse Gases

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