A Day in the Life: Dylan Wood

rec solar employee spotlight dylan wood

Name: Dylan Wood
Position/Team/Office Location: Assistant Project Manager, San Luis Obispo Office
Years with REC: 1
Hometown: Templeton, CA
College and Major: Fresno State, History Major

What does a normal day look like for you? (From waking up to bed)

I wake up, flop around in bed for about 10 minutes, then take a shower and go to work. I proceed to spend about half my day on the phone, endlessly pacing around the office while talking to subcontractors and coworkers. After being extremely productive and professional at work all day, I will return home and either go to the gym or, more likely, play video games or watch something on Netflix – I highly recommend Babylon Berlin, my current show.

What drew (and continues to draw you) to REC Solar? What was the recruiting process like? What did you enjoy about it?

rec solar employee spotlight dylan woodI had worked in residential solar for years, and always wanted to get into the commercial or utility space. The fact that REC Solar is one of the top companies in commercial PV, and is also conveniently located close to my hometown, was perfect. The recruiting process was thorough, and I got to meet most of my current coworkers during the interview which was set up as a Q&A forum of sorts with everybody asking me questions about my professional and personal life. It was a little intimidating at first, but ultimately I enjoyed it, as the focus seemed to be on me as an individual rather than just on my career history and skillset.

Do you have a favorite project and why?

I would say that my favorite project is Taft High School, even though it is a complicated one. My mom’s side of the family emigrated from Missouri to Taft during the Great Depression to work in the oil fields, and both of my grandparents graduated from Taft High School. It means a lot to me to help develop the community that gave so much to my family.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into your profession and was it always something you wanted to do?

I had originally planned on getting my PhD in history and teaching, but am glad that I made the decision to get into solar after college. I would tell anyone who is interested in a career in the solar industry that there are plenty of opportunities here, for a variety of skillsets: construction, engineering, administration, project management… the list goes on. Solar is no longer the novelty that it was 20 years ago, but is in fact a boom industry – the United States alone has over 58.3 gigawatts of installed solar, the equivalent of about 53 nuclear reactors running at capacity. This number is growing every day.

What motivates you each morning?

The desire to progress.

What is your most unique hobby?

I only get to go 2-3x a year, but I love panning for gold. I have gone several times in the Sierras, and even recruited another REC Solar Assistant PM (Corey Zandt) to go on an expedition with me to Big Sur a few months back. We didn’t find any gold, but we did have a good time and discovered an overgrown mine shaft from the early 1900s where some prospectors bored into the mountainside following a quartz vein.

“Titanic” question: Could Jack have fit on the door with Rose? Why do you feel that way?

Personally, I’m not convinced that waterlogged door would have supported the weight of even one person, if it would be afloat at all after several hours in the North Atlantic.

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