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Tools to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and we are so thankful for our customers, partners, investors and employees who strive every day to celebrate a healthy environment, desire to cut emissions, and drive to accelerate the transition to a clean energy future.

Whether personally or professionally, there are three consistent aspects crucial to transforming every day to Earth Day:

  1. Think differently and change behaviors
  2. Set (and hit) big goals
  3. Be inspired. Inspire others.

How Changing Thoughts and Behaviors Contributes to Climate Change Prevention

Today’s climate crisis actually has its roots in the first Industrial Revolution when, more than 200 years ago, humans began burning fossil fuels to drive new industries and improve lives.

Yet it wasn’t until the 1960s — Rachel Carson’s seminal environmental sciences book Silent Spring was actually published in 1962 — when a large portion of the population began to understand how much their personal choices mattered. Whether at home, school or work, reliance on fossil fuels continues to cause increased consumption with corresponding build up of air pollution and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

In 1970, 20 million Americans rallied on the first official Earth Day to move us to be more healthy, sustainable, and in tune with the natural environment. Today, in 2020, the goal is to activate a billion people from around the world for transformative action. Education — across all generations — will play a big part in reaching that goal.

To help our parents, teachers, and students find creative and accessible ways to reduce their carbon footprint, we created an infographic detailing significant ways we can cut emissions. These are four simple, low-to-no-cost things you can do now (even while quarantined at home!) Please feel free to download, post, and share!

climate change infographic for students

Set (and Hit) Big Climate Change Mitigation Goals

Companies around the world are committing to going 100 percent renewable as fast as possible.

To date, 230 RE100 companies are investing heavily to accelerate their transition to renewable energy like solar, wind, battery energy storage, and even electric vehicle fleets. Many of these global leaders have already hit initial targets. Some are now striving to become carbon negative, and are investing in sustainable energy infrastructure that starts cutting carbon footprints for their broader communities.

Many of our customers, from businesses, state and local governments, schools, universities, and agricultural operations, are adopting science-based targets. Science-based targets are greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction goals to create enough decarbonization to stop a more than 2 degrees Celsius/3.6 degrees Fahrenheit temperature increase.

Across the U.S., our customers are pioneering a sustainable, no-emissions path so we all can breathe easier and co-exist better with our natural environment.

Be Inspired. Inspire Others.

Along with another Duke Energy affiliate, Duke Energy Renewables, we recently launched a story series focused on the people leading their organization’s charge to cut emissions and shift to a clean energy future faster. In Today’s Leaders. Tomorrow’s Heroes, we are very humbled by our opportunity to share the stories of leaders who are making profound sustainability projects reality.

We’ve been so gratified by the extremely positive response to these stories. Here’s a snapshot of the leaders highlighted so far:

Adam Shalapin, Ball Corporation

Adam Shalapin, Ball Corporation

Adam was able to dramatically increase the company’s share of renewable energy in about a year. By 2030, Ball Corporation’s goal is to cut 25 percent of emissions from each aluminum can it creates.

Amy Bond, Sprint Corporation

Amy Bond, Sprint Corporation

Amy is helping Sprint communicate that this planet matters and meet the company’s goal to be 100 percent carbon neutral by 2025.

Megan Jacobson, Gills Onions

Megan Jacobson, Gills Onions

Megan sees that sustainability is integral to everything. This perspective is helping avoid 13,791 metric tons of greenhouse gases (GHG).

Craig D’Arcy, The Home Depot

Craig D’Arcy, The Home Depot

Craig and his team are stepping up to help cut emissions at stores in half. That means renewable energy projects are a significant part of The Home Depot’s energy procurement strategy.

We’re about to launch more compelling and inspiring stories. So bookmark and watch for updates to Today’s Leaders. Tomorrow’s Heroes. and join us in celebrating these leaders and your own efforts to make our world a healthier, more sustainable place right now — and for future generations to come. Happy Earth Day everyone!

-The REC Solar team

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