Celebrate Earth Day with an Interactive Workbook for Kids

Earth Day was created back in 1970 after a devastating oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. The original intent of Earth Day was to have a day set aside for the public to think and learn about the environment.

At REC Solar, we want to do our part to help educate everyone, including kids, about the environment. In honor of Earth Day, we’ve put together an educational yet fun workbook for kids that explains solar power and renewable energy. Please download and share it with your kids or any kids in your community. Enjoy!


  • Print the interactive guide on recycled paper in landscape format, double-sided, with the flip on the short edge.
  • Fold each piece of paper hot dog style and stack the pages in order.
  • Depending on the age of the child, read or help them read through the content on the first few pages.
  • Give the child some crayons or markers and allow them to enjoy the interactive activities at the end of the workbook.
  • After the guide has been well used and loved, recycle it!

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find in the interactive workbook:

REC Solar earth day workbook kids REC Solar earth day workbook kids

Happy Earth Day from REC Solar!
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