Project Description

DHX – Dependable Hawaiian Express was faced with frequent grid outages and associated loss in productivity and costs to replace computers, servers and other technologies impacted by power loss. The company is also seeking to achieve zero net energy.
rooftop solar DHX Dependable Hawaiian Express Honolulu

DHX is one of the most respected ocean/air freight forwarders servicing Hawai’i, Guam, and mainland USA. By working with REC Solar, DHX installed a solar-powered microgrid on its 76,000 sq ft Honolulu distribution center.

When grid outages occur, DHX can island from the grid, using the solar generation to power operations during the day and stored energy in the batteries to continue into night. This allows time for “graceful shutdown” of high value, climate-controlled operations, computing servers and other equipment for longer outages. The solar plus energy storage microgrid also pays for itself when the grid is up by shifting load to less expensive, off-peak hours. That load shifting saves DHX more than $70,000 annually in energy costs. The emissions reductions are crucial to DHX’s goal to achieve zero net energy. Using the solar panels to spell out the company name also increases brand reach and value.

DHX is looking at adding a second microgrid to electrify its vehicle fleet as well.

“I like the package REC put together as it allows us flexibility and coverage we need at the best value. The solar panels on the roof spell out DHX – a great way to promote our business to those traveling by plane or helicopter over the shipping and warehouse districts.”

Brad Dechter, DHX President

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