Project Description

Ballester Hermanos is a food, wine, spirits and food service distributor with a long history in Puerto Rico. While they were used to high energy prices an island dependent on imported oil for electricity generation, Ballester Hermanos researched installing solar to see if it was a viable way to save.

REC Solar partnered with a local renewable energy finance partner to provide a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) that allowed Ballester Hermanos to install solar for no money down. Our energy analysis, design and engineering expertise helped optimize a system for the available roof space that delivered over $100,000 a year in savings.

“We are always looking for ways to be socially responsible, reduce our operating expenses and increase profits. When we learned a power purchase agreement would deliver savings of over $100k per year with no upfront costs, going solar became a no-brainer.”

Alejandro Ballester, Ballester Hermanos LLC

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