Predictability matters.

Labor costs, access to water, weather and market conditions all vary every year. Solar panels for farm use can offset a significant portion of overall operating costs and create greater business predictability. With the agriculture sector’s incentives and access to cheap solar financing, solar is a solid business decision with a rapid payback.

Solar Energy for Agricultural Customers

Over 100 Agriculture Projects

REC Solar knows from experience how to make agriculture solar projects successful. We’ve worked with growers, processors, vineyards, cold storage facilities, packing operations, nurseries, and a wide range of other agriculture businesses. REC Solar makes solar panels for farms simple. REC Solar has systemized the way energy is delivered to the agriculture industry throughout California, Hawaii and the United States.

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Secure Your Future

In your initial project estimate, our finance team can provide your expected savings each year over the lifetime of your system. Our warranties, production guarantees and optional power purchase agreement mean you can go solar with extremely low risk.

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Experts in USDA REAP Grants & Farm Incentives

Through farm grants, utility-specific incentives, federal tax credits and affordable ag financing options, the cost of a solar system can be substantially reduced. Our team has in-depth experience working with farm financing partners and your own team to help you maximize your return. Regardless of your farm’s size, large or small, we can accommodate you to ensure you see a positive ROI on your commercial solar investment. Contact REC Solar today and see if your agriculture or farm operation could benefit from our solar services.

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Active in Supporting Agriculture

We are active members of many farm organizations and like to support our customers’ businesses any way we can. That might include helping you get press coverage for your renewable energy investments, or supporting causes you care about.

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A Trusted, Long-Term Partner

REC Solar was founded in 1997 and is focused exclusively on solar for businesses. When considering who to partner with, we think you should choose someone dedicated to commercial-scale solar solutions – not a roofer, not an electrician, not a residential solar company.

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Everything Under One Roof

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Some providers have limited support for financing and no ability to maintain the system after installation. We do everything in house and have an experienced team to make the solar experience easy for you.

Solar Energy for Farms

Raw solar energy is a key component of the photosynthetic process of growing plants, but it can also be harnessed through solar panels and converted into a valuable asset for agricultural businesses to save money, increase energy independence, and reduce pollution.

Many farmers use solar panels for farm use to power their irrigation systems. These are relatively simple to set up, and they help ensure a reliable irrigation system throughout the year that is independent of the energy grid.

Designing buildings and barns to leverage natural daylight instead of using electric lights can create significant savings for farms. It’s common throughout the dairy industry to leverage “long day” lighting with skylights and windows to increase production and save money on electricity bills.

Solar water heaters are great cost-reducers for low- to medium-temperature hot water used in pen cleaning. Dairy operations can use solar-heated water to clean equipment and for pasteurization. Compared to commercial farms with electric or propane water heaters, solar water heaters can save thousands of dollars per year.

The sun can also be used to heat homes and livestock buildings. In confined operations (such as livestock or poultry), a consistent supply of circulated fresh air is vital to maintaining animal health and product quality. However, this results in higher heating bills as the heat escapes more easily due to circulation. “Active” solar heating systems, which use heat boxes and fans, can warm the air while preventing wasted energy. “Passive” solar designs, where the building is designed to take advantage of the sun’s direction and rotation relative to your location, are also a cost-effective option for farmers planning new construction. Building design can be optimized for improving solar energy usage in agriculture.

Other common uses for solar energy in ag include solar dryers for drying crops and grain, and commercial greenhouses.

Remote Electric Supply

REC Solar helps your business generate electricity through sunlight. Photovoltaic (PV) panels have increasing become a cheaper option than installing new electric lines to provide power to remote locations. Without requiring fuel, they are more convenient and cost-effective to operate and maintain than diesel or gasoline generators. In some areas, the distance from a power source at which PV becomes more economical than new transformers and electric lines is surprisingly short—often as little as 50 feet.

Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for agriculture are highly reliable and are commonly used as low-maintenance options for standard equipment like electric fences, lights, and water pumps. Traditionally, solar power in agriculture was most economical for remote livestock water supply, pond aeration, and small irrigation systems.However, as module prices have steadily decreased over the last decade, solar panels that were too expensive for most crop irrigation systems are now affordable and accessible for all types of farming operations.

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1.13 MW DC
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Delano, CA

Solar-powered grapes.



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Waialua, HI

The legendary fresh foods producer wanted a more sustainable energy source for Dole Plantation and their fruit processing facility.


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388.47 kW DC
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Niner Winery makes sustainability a priority.


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4.2 MW DC

Leading the way in renewable energy and sustainability for the fresh foods industry.


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1.14 MW DC
Yuba City, CA

Creating healthy foods in a sustainable way.


Vintage Wine

945 kW DC
Santa Rosa, CA

Reducing time of use rates and demand charges for a leading winery.


Windset Farms

1.05 MW DC
Santa Maria, CA

Running a greenhouse on clean energy.


Castoro Cellars

704 kW DC
Templeton, CA

This central coast winery made a commitment to operate on 100% renewable, solar energy.

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