Salt River Project Opens Fiscal Year 2014 Solar Incentive Programs

May 1

The Salt River Project, which serves much of the greater Phoenix area and central Arizona, has opened commercial and residential solar programs for Fiscal Year 2014, which begins May 1, 2013.

Key points include:

• Residential solar incentives of $.10 per watt, with a maximum incentive per system of $500.00 (5 kilowatt system); 12.9 megawatts of program capacity.

• Commercial solar incentives of $.10 per watt with a new maximum system size of 300 kilowatts (increased from 100 kilowatts); 4 megawatts of program capacity. No incentive for larger commercial systems.

• New schools, government, and non-profit solar program with a performance-based incentive of $0.04 per kilowatt-hour produced and a maximum system size of one megawatt; 5 megawatts of program capacity.


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