"REC has eliminated the anxiety we experienced of uncertain and fluctuating power bills by replacing it with low monthly fixed rate. We are glad we contacted REC Solar and are pleased with their product and service. As an unexpected benefit, we did not have to pay a single power bill this summer!"

Sam and Janet TeragouchiFresno, CA

6.1 kW

Sam and his wife always dreaded the monthly arrival of their power bill. Those who live in the Central Valley understand how power bills fluctuate between seasons. During spring and fall, their power bill would average $225.00 per month. During the summer and winter months, it would escalate to nearly $600.00. Partnered with a solar finance provider, REC Solar was able to present a lease option with no "up-front costs" and low monthly payments. The installation of the entire system took only 2 and a half days. The system is virtually maintenance free.

More Customer Testimonials

  • REC Solar was great to work with. They were prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating. I love seeing the meter go backwards. Solar is good for the environment and good for the pocketbook, and I know that power rates will only go up in the future. There is no reason not to go solar, and REC Solar is the firm to do the job right.
    John Liu, Clovis, CA
  • I was very impressed with REC's work. Every step of the process was done professionally, efficiently, and thoroughly. You folks know what you're doing and how to communicate the process.
    Kal R., Arvada, CO
  • Excellent experience overall. Excellent sales rep and presentation of service and options. They even installed it 2 months ahead of schedule due to some scheduling shifts. Very professional staff overall. Overall, I am extremely happy and it was a hassle free process that I would highly recommend to anyone.
    Christopher Swindull, San Diego, CA
  • My thanks to your installation crew, very professional, everything looks great.
    Bob W., Colorado Springs, CO

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