"I have great confidence in REC Solar!"

Kurt FlormanYarnell, AZ

4.6 kW

Kurt Florman did his research from the start. After speaking to employees at REC Solar he was impressed by how pleasant and knowledgeable they were. He was intrigued by the fact that REC had installed over 4,000 systems in the West, including Hawaii. But most of all he was impressed because REC is the vendor of choice for Costco. After completing the layout for their house, which was quickly approved, REC did the final designs and recieved the necessary permits from the county and from A.P.S. Installation was on track and completed successfully.

More Customer Testimonials

  • I am pleased with REC for their professional service, their low cost, their responsiveness, their good communication, and especially their excellent staff.
    James Wang, San Diego, CA
  • My experience with REC Solar has been fabulous and I’m thrilled with the system they installed. REC has a very thorough and informative sales process and they finished it off with a professional installation. The panels look great and their projections are right on target.
    J. Perlman, Davis, CA
  • REC Solar installed a solar electric system on my residence. This included the solar panels on the roof, the DC/AC converter equipment and the monitoring equipment. Every person I worked with at REC (Sales Rep, Engineer and Installation Crew) was very courteous and always arrived and completed the work at their scheduled time. The amazing thing to me was all I had to do was write the check. Their staff took care of all city permits and all contact with the local utility company. The whole process was painless and the system works just as well as promised prior to my purchase. I would highly recommend them to anybody considering installation of a solar electric system.
    Tom Abbas, San Diego, CA
  • I was very impressed with REC's work. Every step of the process was done professionally, efficiently, and thoroughly. You folks know what you're doing and how to communicate the process.
    Kal R., Arvada, CO

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