"These guys did a gorgeous job on the installation, everyone was very professional. No exposed conduit or cabling. We really worried that the installation would look “industrial”. We used Kyocera panels for their low profile and clean look because the panels had to be on the front of the house. They look good. The SMA Inverters run very efficiently. This is a big system so we needed two of them."

Duncan MathisonLa Mesa, CA

10.9 kW

Duncan came to REC Solar concerned about the aesthetics of installing a new system on his front roof. His roof was south facing with the electrical near a primary entrance that would present a design challenge for any installer. After choosing REC, he was very pleased with the extra attention to detail and uncompromising dedication to the system’s finished appearance.

More Customer Testimonials

  • Our bills have been nothing since we installed. Our system is producing everything you said it would and we could not be happier!
    Norm Stone, Bakersfield, CA
  • REC Solar installed a solar electric system on my residence. This included the solar panels on the roof, the DC/AC converter equipment and the monitoring equipment. Every person I worked with at REC (Sales Rep, Engineer and Installation Crew) was very courteous and always arrived and completed the work at their scheduled time. The amazing thing to me was all I had to do was write the check. Their staff took care of all city permits and all contact with the local utility company. The whole process was painless and the system works just as well as promised prior to my purchase. I would highly recommend them to anybody considering installation of a solar electric system.
    Tom Abbas, San Diego, CA
  • Just thought I would send you a brief note in appreciation for the crew that completed the recent solar installation on our home. They were very professional and courteous, and in no way were disruptive to our daily routine. The installation was completed exactly as planned. Please pass along a "thank you" to them. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!
    Ken and Nancy B., Bakersfield, CA
  • REC Solar has been very professional from the first contact with Brian Sharpe and his presentation of the solar leasing program through the installation and contacts with the engineer, the project coordinator, and the installers. We have been exceptionally pleased with the service REC Solar has offered as well as the performance of our system.
    Gary S., Centennial, CO

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