"I want to congratulate you on the excellent team of professionals that I was pleased to work with on the purchase and installation of the solar system for my home in Scottsdale, AZ. Each, in his own way, did nothing but represent REC Solar with excellence and a professional manner seldom seen today. The install crew did so well that I've requested them to install a second solar system."

Ken SniderScottsdale, AZ

5.75 kW

Savings of $280/month

Ken Snider moved to Arizona approximately 10 years ago after retiring from the financial services industry. As a homeowner and an advocate of renewable energy, Ken did his due diligence to find a solar contractor for his home in Scottsdale. He met Solar Energy Consultant, Troy Calap while at a trip to Costco and was able to set an appointment right then and there. After the first year, Ken has definitely reaped the rewards of his system by slashing his energy bills from over $300 to just $19.00 in the month of June.

More Customer Testimonials

  • Our system was installed quickly and professionally and has consistently outperformed expectations…Each month I compare our solar output with REC Solar’s original estimates and have always been pleasantly surprised to see the system once again outperform those estimates.
    Cheryl, Santa Rosa, CA
  • We choose REC Solar over the other two considerations because of the sales representative, Michael Lind. He was professional, thoroughly knowledgeable about the product, listened to and answered virtually every question we posed, completely, on-the-spot, without hesitation.
    Robert Cole, Simi Valley, CA
  • REC Solar was terrific to work with. They were very concerned with our comfort during the installation process. They did a very hard job running all the electrical throughout the attic and left a 100% clean area. Mounting of all the equipment was fantastic. No Damage to my home and fast.
    Mark M., Chico, CA
  • The relationship with REC Solar has been a success! Based on the credit checks I have done over the years and from all of the savings, the system has paid itself off in approximately three years...During the winter months at our Shore House when the home is vacant, our system generates enough credit for the first two months when we open up our beach house for the Summer Time.
    Donald K., NJ

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