"I want to congratulate you on the excellent team of professionals that I was pleased to work with on the purchase and installation of the solar system for my home in Scottsdale, AZ. Each, in his own way, did nothing but represent REC Solar with excellence and a professional manner seldom seen today. The install crew did so well that I've requested them to install a second solar system."

Ken SniderScottsdale, AZ

5.75 kW

Savings of $280/month

Ken Snider moved to Arizona approximately 10 years ago after retiring from the financial services industry. As a homeowner and an advocate of renewable energy, Ken did his due diligence to find a solar contractor for his home in Scottsdale. He met Solar Energy Consultant, Troy Calap while at a trip to Costco and was able to set an appointment right then and there. After the first year, Ken has definitely reaped the rewards of his system by slashing his energy bills from over $300 to just $19.00 in the month of June.

More Customer Testimonials

  • Every step of the way from sales, engineering and construction, REC Solar maintained very good communication regarding the progress of my project. All you have to do is take one good look at installation of the panels, conduit and inverters to know that REC Solar’s installers really care about what they do and the quality of their work.
    Robert D., Ojai, CA
  • Ever since the first day we purchased our solar system, it has been saving us money on our electricity. Also we feel much better that we are helping environment by going Solar. We have never had a problem with maintenance. My husband said he would not buy another house without going solar. Since 2006, at least 5 people a year have come by and knocked on our door asking about the system and REC Solar because we live on a busy street and the panels are located on the front of our house. The system has completely paid for itself in 4 years and a few months!
    Kathleen C., NJ
  • We had our solar system (5K) installed in 2005, back then we thought that the system would probably pay for itself within 10-12 years. However, we did feel that this would be the right thing to do for environment, and decided ‘to put our money where our mouth is’ … Now, 6 years later, we know that this was a very smart decision; the system has paid for itself already, we wish we’ve had installed a 10K system on our roof back then…We never had to do any maintenance, and never had any problems with the system. The team from REC Solar which was working on the project was highly professional, and did their job really well and in the timely matter. p.s., in spring our electricity bills are between $5 and $10.
    Inna M., NJ
  • We were paying more than $400 a month for electricity and it just kept going up and up and up. After carefully researched his options, including installing a wind turbine, we settled on a 7.5-kilowatt rooftop solar system from REC Solar in San Luis Obispo. It took the technicians three days to install the 35 photovoltaic panels and the effect of the new system on our family’s electric bill is dramatic. It went from $415 to $5 a month. The $5 is a fee PG&E charges to be connected to the grid. It’s the best investment we’ve ever made. Part of our retirement plan is the solar panels on my roof.
    Phil K., Pismo Beach, CA

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