"Our solar experience began with a company going bankrupt and losing our $1000 deposit. When we decided to try again I selected REC and two other major companies. REC listened to my issues and concerns where the other companies tried to push their products on me. The installation went well and whenever there were challenges REC resolved them quickly. We are extremely happy with the equipment and REC. I would recommend them to anyone."

Larry McCrackenSan Jose, CA

5 kW

Solar Energy Consultant, Michael Gallagher, met Mr. McCracken at the Santa Clara Home and Garden Show. He was interested in Solar but very skeptical due to a recent experience with an unprofessional contractor. His intent was to control future costs for their family and take advantage of current incentives for Solar PV. After a very competitive interview process, Larry selected REC Solar to build his system and bring his vision of getting Solar to fruition.

More Customer Testimonials

  • The relationship with REC Solar has been a success! Based on the credit checks I have done over the years and from all of the savings, the system has paid itself off in approximately three years...During the winter months at our Shore House when the home is vacant, our system generates enough credit for the first two months when we open up our beach house for the Summer Time.
    Donald K., NJ
  • REC Solar was the most professional and knowledgeable of all the companies in the area. In the first year, we had a 9.45% return on investment and in the second year, we had an 11.3% ROI. As the cost of electricity continues to increase, our ROI will continue getting better. Solar was by far the best investment we could have made.
    Martin V., Lompoc, CA
  • I figured if REC Solar was good enough for Costco, it was good enough for me. The installations team could not have been any more courteous to us and answered all our questions while they were installing the wiring and the panels on the house. They started on Monday and were finished on Thursday. My electric bill dropped from $600-$700 a month, to $1.67 a month. At this rate, I am looking at 5 to 6 years to recoup my initial purchase price of the solar system, after that, I am saving at least $600 a month on electricity bills. I would highly recommend REC Solar if you are thinking about installing solar panels or just thinking about how you can save on your electric bill.
    Tom M., Ventura, CA
  • It was an amazing experience. Everything happened on schedule. The consultant was clear and concise, never pushy, and answered all my questions in an easily digestible way. The project manager contacted me within estimated time-frame and worked with my scheduling particulars. The installers were clean, polite, and respectful, and treated my house with the utmost care. On the whole, I can say that I have never had a contractor experience that was as smooth and painless as this one. Thank you REC!
    Adam Matar, San Diego, CA

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