"Just wanted to say thanks again for the system. I am very happy, I just walked by and it was happily pumping out 7,231w. I have seen the readout be as high as 7,452w."

Bill DeVoeAurora, CO

8.19 kW

Bill is an electrician by trade and was always interested in renewal energy developments. His interest peaked when he learned of the potential benefits of going solar. When he decided to go with REC Solar as his provider, he was happy that the process was smooth and hassle free. His system is consistently overproducing with an estimated $16-1800 dollar savings this year.

More Customer Testimonials

  • I am very pleased with the job your crew did. To have inspectors approve the first time around is unusual in my experience. If you would like to send any prospective clients around, I'd be happy to show my system and give a positive recommendation.
    Dale C., Denver, CO
  • The experience of my solar installation was very pleasant, the installation crew was a great group of friendly guys who did a great job.
    Jeff B., Denver, CO
  • I was impressed with the professionalism and knowledge of the sales staff and the courtesy and mindfulness of the installation crew. During the installation process, my neighbors, who work graveyard and sleep during the day, told me that they never had any issues with construction noise, and enjoyed watching the progress of the installation. My only regret is that the system isn’t visible from the street!
    Brien Sipe, Energy Trust of Oregon
  • I am pleased with REC for their professional service, their low cost, their responsiveness, their good communication, and especially their excellent staff.
    James Wang, San Diego, CA

Recent Projects

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  • Franklin Park Township, NJ
    10 kW
  • Nipomo, CA
    10 kW
  • Toms River, NJ
    9.6 kW
  • Boulder, CO
    4.5 kW
  • Clovis, CA
    8.1 kW
  • Madera, CA
    12 kW
  • Merced, CA
    3 kW
  • Madera, CA
    24.3 kW
  • Salem, OR
    7.74 kW
  • Fresno, CA
    8.1 kW
  • Portland, OR
    29.7 kW
  • Lafayette, CO
    5 kW
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