"REC Solar has been very professional from the first contact with Brian Sharpe and his presentation of the solar leasing program through the installation and contacts with the engineer, the project coordinator, and the installers. We have been exceptionally pleased with the service REC Solar has offered as well as the performance of our system."

Garry SidderCentennial, CO

5.28 kW

Gary and Francie Sidder met Solar Energy Consultant Brian Sharpe while out on the town having dinner, by noticing the REC marked vehicle on the street outside. They had already received solar quotes from the other major companies in the area, and asked Brian if REC Solar had leasing options. After going through the site evaluation, REC Solar was the only company that suggested adding some panels to their East-facing roof as well as their South-facing roof, which increased their potential solar production significantly. They chose REC Solar based on that approach as well as the long-standing partnership with SunRun and reputation in the industry. The Sidders have gone on to refer several other REC Solar customers in CO and continue to champion the benefits of going solar.

More Customer Testimonials

  • REC Solar was the most professional and knowledgeable of all the companies in the area. In the first year, we had a 9.45% return on investment and in the second year, we had an 11.3% ROI. As the cost of electricity continues to increase, our ROI will continue getting better. Solar was by far the best investment we could have made.
    Martin V., Lompoc, CA
  • The experience of my solar installation was very pleasant, the installation crew was a great group of friendly guys who did a great job.
    Jeff B., Denver, CO
  • Your team did a first rate job. Professional, cleaned up each evening before leaving, and always willing to answer my questions.
    Nick D., Broomfield, CO
  • My experience with REC Solar has been fabulous and I’m thrilled with the system they installed. REC has a very thorough and informative sales process and they finished it off with a professional installation. The panels look great and their projections are right on target.
    J. Perlman, Davis, CA

Recent Projects

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    15.5 kW
  • Laguna Niguel, CA
    3 kW
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    4.44 kW
  • Los Angeles, CA
    5.3 kW
  • Glendale, AZ
    8.3 kW
  • Boulder, CO
    10 kW
  • Orange County, CA
    2.9 kW
  • El Dorado Hills, CA
    4.8 kW
  • Tucson, AZ
    11.7 kW
  • San Francisco, CA
    3 kW
  • Franklin Park Township, NJ
    10 kW
  • Fresno, CA
    6.12 kW
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