A clean answer to energy challenges

Smart energy management practices are essential to achieving long-term profitability in a manufacturing environment. Many manufacturing facilities maintain 24/7 operations with a variety of energy demands, such as process heating and cooling, generators, machine and motor-driven systems, HVAC, and lighting. 

Adding a high-efficiency solar system to your manufacturing operation: 

  • Reduces one of your highest operating expenses
  • Allows you to gain control over rising and volatile utility costs
  • Adds value to your property
  • Minimizes environmental impacts
  • Helps you achieve sustainability goals

Most manufacturing facilities have ample space to accommodate solar technology but require expert design solutions to address different equipment and access considerations. Our experienced teams have designed and installed ground mount, rooftop and carport solar systems to integrate with all types of manufacturing facilities.

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Solar Financing Made Simple

REC Solar will provide your business with solar financing options and compare the different cash flows and returns. Unlike firms that present only one solution, our consultants will work with your company to determine the right financing strategy.