Turnkey Commercial Solar Process

Our experts will guide your business through every step of the commercial solar process.


Turnkey Commercial Solar Process

Our experts will guide your business through every step of the commercial solar process.



REC Solar is a fully integrated commercial solar business, so unlike many solar firms, we finance, design, build and manage our projects from start to finish. All aspects of your organization's solar project will be managed by one experienced firm. REC Solar has installed over 200MW of solar panels in more than 550 commercial solar projects across America.



STEP 1: Energy & Rate Analysis

Our commercial solar experts will provide a solar feasibility assessment, and advise you on how to finance your solar project while taking advantage of federal and local incentives. 

We will help you calculate your utility rate factor and the amount of sunshine available on your commercial rooftop or property. REC Solar consultants will work with you to evaluate several financing options to find the right fit for your organization. 

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REC Solar will provide your business with solar financing options and compare the different cash flows and returns. Unlike firms that present only one solution, our consultants will work with you to determine the right financing strategy for your organization.



step 3: DESIgn & engineering

REC Solar has an expert team of project designers and engineers that provide insight into every element of your proposed solar system. 

We are experts at project design and production modeling, and we offer unique insights into the performance of critical technology components, including solar panels, inverters, racking and sun tracking systems.

We analyze data from existing commercial solar projects and apply best practices to maximize your system’s energy production, accounting for irradiance, weather patterns, local climate, shading, and potential pollutants among other factors.

Working closely with your company, our team will design a system with the most competitive lifetime cost of energy ($/kilowatt-hour), optimizing the design for unique site, climate, utility rate tariffs and subsidies. In addition, we will establish quality and engineering design standards to reduce business risk and help achieve project success.


What type of commercial solar installation is right for your organization? Our team will carefully examine your business' facilities and infrastructure to determine the right approach.


STEP 4: procurement & CONSTRUCTION


Our solar project managers bring years of proven experience on some of the most technically sophisticated commercial solar installations in the nation. A dedicated team will manage your project from initial estimates to final customer acceptance.

Over the past two decades REC Solar has built strong partnerships with leading suppliers of key solar project components such as solar panels and inverters. Our rigorous component selection process helps to ensure that you receive the optimum combination of value and performance for your commercial solar installation.

We provide our customers with high quality and lasting value, and decrease business risk through our deep experience and strong supplier relationships. We have a proven track record of safe, fast, and efficient solar project construction.



After system installation, we provide industry-leading preventative maintenance to maximize energy production, minimize downtime and extend your system’s operating life.

To ensure your solar system is always operating properly, REC Solar provides advanced monitoring systems that present real time access to your solar electric system’s status and performance through a secure website. There, you can view, download and analyze historical data to share with others in your organization.

Our team of technical experts is available to assist your energy personnel with any questions that might arise. We work to achieve a superior long-term total cost of energy and to optimize energy production. 


Our Operations & Maintenance team is one of the best in the industry, currently performing repairs and scheduled maintenance for many solar projects including those built by our competitors. Some customers or project developers wish to contract our O&M team post-construction. To contact our O&M team directly, please click the button to the right.



resultS: Savings + Sustainability


A commercial solar system could provide your company with decades of clean, predictable, low-cost energy. We want to help your business save thousands of dollars on energy bills while demonstrating sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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