hotels choose solar for savings and sustainability

Generating your own electricity with solar has never been a better investment for energy-intensive commercial operations such as hotels, motels, convention centers and casinos. Most hotels and motels have large, un-shaded roofs or carports which are ideal for a commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) installation.

The nature of any hospitality facility makes energy management particularly challenging as hotels and motels are 24/7 operations, housing guests with variable needs.

They also provide energy intensive services, from casinos and spas to pools and gyms, and many guests today are becoming more environmentally conscious and are actively seeking ‘green’ hotels. A solar installation could reduce a facility's high monthly energy expenses and build exceptional customer loyalty.


hotel and hospitality solar benefits

  • Significantly reduce your operating expenses

  • Improve corporate image by ‘Going Green’

  • Gain control over rising and volatile energy prices

  • Achieve corporate sustainability goals

commercial expertise

Taking a consultative approach, we tailor solar technology and finance solutions to build a system that is right for your hospitality business – one that you, your employees, customers and community can be proud of. 

We intend to build a long term partnership with your business through active listening, clear communications and complete transparency. Our goal is to maximize savings on your solar investment, minimize risk on project execution and system performance, and reduce your environmental impact. 

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Solar Financing Made Simple

Unlike solar firms that present only one financing solution, REC Solar will provide you with multiple options and compare the different cash flows and returns. Our consultants will work with you to determine the right financing strategy for your company.