At REC Solar, we recognize that energy savings and cash flow can be valued differently by our business, government and non-profit clients. That’s why we offer financing options to fit your needs.

REC Solar takes care of you every step of the way—from designing the optimal system to offering the best financial solution for your solar project. Moreover, our integrated financing capacity means you can count on us to deliver what we promise, when we promise it!

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from REC Solar provides your business with financial flexibility by preserving cash for your business needs while delivering immediate energy savings.  You don’t need to pay anything up front – we take care of all that for you.  Let REC Solar design and install your solar energy system, then just pay us for the energy you use. It’s that easy!

PPAs make it possible for you to switch to clean, solar power for $0 or little down and make energy payments like you do with your utility today. The PPA power rate is typically lower than what you currently pay for electricity, so you will start saving right away. Plus, our customers receive free maintenance, insurance coverage, and the satisfaction of knowing that you are demonstrating sustainability while reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Lease Agreement

Some clients like the concept of little or no-money-down, but prefer to pay for their solar energy system via fixed monthly payments over a shorter term, perhaps with a purchase option at the end of the agreement. REC Solar offers leasing solutions that can be tailored to your specific financial objectives.  Call us today!

Cash Purchase

When you purchase your own solar energy system, the federal tax credit alone covers 30% of the system cost. Combined with additional state and utility rebates, your net solar system cost can be as much as 50% below the actual cost. Because rebates, incentives and tax benefits are expected to decrease over time, now is right time to buy with REC Solar.

Investing in a solar electric system for your business typically achieves a return of between 8 and 12%—or more. In today's investment climate, that makes solar a very attractive use of funds that might otherwise be sitting in a savings account. Electricity rates have increased an average of 4-5% every year in the last five years. When you choose REC Solar, you lock in low electricity prices for the life of the system. As utility rates rise, your investment in solar becomes even more valuable.