SCHOOLS LEARN to save, expand CURRICULA, and attract students with solar

Universities and schools consume large amounts of energy in buildings and on properties that they own or manage. Solar energy reduces monthly operating costs while controlling long-term energy prices. Additionally, a solar electric system can serve as an educational tool for the general public, faculty and students. What better way for students to experience the importance of physics and environmental science than an on-campus solar installation?

REC Solar works closely with key stakeholders involved in educational applications to identify the right site and to select the best technology and financing approach. We address project obstacles early on, manage each step of the design, permitting, and construction process, and help you promote the switch to clean, sustainable energy with your local community and constituents.

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Solar & Education Experience


Solar Financing for Schools

Unlike solar firms that present only one financing solution, REC Solar will provide you with multiple options and compare the different cash flows and returns. Our consultants will work with you to determine the right financing strategy for your company.