What type of commercial solar installation is right for your business? Our expert team of solar project designers and engineers will examine your company's facilities to determine the right approach. We manage and streamline the entire commercial solar process, from the initial evaluation and financing to construction and maintenance, maximizing savings for your organization. 



Our initial analysis of your facility, as well as a preliminary project design recommendation, comes standard in our free evaluation.



Rooftop Solar Installations

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Large rooftops are the most popular locations for commercial solar installations. A company with a large and flat rooftop, particularly if constructed within the last five years, likely has a great foundation for deploying a large-scale solar project. Solar technology offers the perfect solution to maximize the value of these underutilized spaces.

Large, flat and unobstructed rooftops allow for operational efficiency and consistency in solar system design, construction, and maintenance. Those benefits often translate into lower total system costs and/or a lower price of solar electricity. In addition, large rooftops are usually unshaded by trees or neighboring buildings, allowing for steady and high solar system yields over time.

A large, flat rooftop provides a solid foundation for achieving an excellent ROI on your commercial solar project.



  • Superior project ROI
  • Consistent roofing substrate allows for smooth and streamlined installation
  • Unshaded area provides steady production yields over time
  • Potential summer insulation benefits lead to reduced air conditioning expenses
  • Great opportunity to utilize underutilized space
  • Demonstrate strong commitment to environmental sustainability


As a commercial solar leader, we have designed and installed hundreds of rooftop installations for some of the world's largest retailers and manufacturers like IKEA, Nestle Purina, and Safeway. These efficient installations generate clean electricity and financial returns for decades.



Solar Carports


Tired of using your shirt to open your scorching-hot car door? Solar carports not only keep workers' cars cool from the hot summer sun, but also help businesses save money on rising energy bills.

Solar carports are the preferred solution for companies without large flat rooftops or open ground space. In addition, solar carports provide a high-profile, public demonstration of a company's commitment to environmental sustainability and a perfect complement to electric vehicle charging stations for visitors and employees.

Although solar carport installations are typically more expensive than rooftop or ground-mount installations, they provide an elegant solution for companies, schools, and government organizations without roof space that are looking to harness the sun's energy and save money.



  • Allows organizations without large rooftops to achieve the financial benefits of solar technology
  • Serves as a public demonstration of environmental sustainability
  • Provides an ideal complement to electric vehicle charging stations
  • Utilizes existing space; no additional land required
  • Keeps employees' cars shaded on hot, sunny days!


We have designed and installed dozens of solar carports for schools, businesses, and government organizations. These high-profile installations are not only appreciated by employees and customers, but also generate decades of clean energy and financial returns.



Ground-Mounted Solar Projects

Ground-mounted solar projects often achieve the highest ROI by allowing for optimal system sizing, design and layout, improving both constructability and long-term energy yields.

The ground is a reliable substrate for deploying mounting structures and solar panels. In addition, a ground-mount project provides ample space for on-site construction team movement and logistics, allowing for safe and efficient installation processes. There are also significant wire management and facility integration advantages. Similar to rooftop projects, ground-mounted projects are typically placed in open fields, avoiding any potential sources of shading.

For those reasons, ground mounted solar projects are often the most efficient to build and the most economical type of commercial solar installation.



  • Highest potential ROI
  • Solid and reliable foundation for large-scale projects.
  • Wide and unobstructed operational space allows for optimal system design
  • Typically efficient and streamlined installation process.
  • Easy access for operations and maintenance team post-construction
  • Strong commitment to environmental sustainability.


As a commercial solar leader, we have designed and installed some of the largest commercial ground-mounted systems in America. These systems are particularly popular among our agriculture customers, such as Dole Plantation, Dupont Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed Company, and Bonipak.