Community Solar

An opportunity to participate in clean, green solar energy regardless of property ownership, with no upfront costs.

What is community solar?

No matter where your business is, or where you live, REC’s Community Solar provides the opportunity to participate in clean, renewable energy with no out of pocket costs.

Sometimes called a “Solar Garden” or “Shared Solar,” Community Solar is a large utility scale array that is sited on open fields, old agricultural or industrial sites and even brownfields.  The power generated goes right to the utility, then the utility sends a bill credit directly to the subscribers of the community solar array.



Do you have land available to host a community solar garden? Or shovel-ready projects that need help moving forward? Whether you’re on the east or west coast, our experts are excited to hear your project details, and discuss how Community Solar could benefit you or your business.


Jon Miller
Vice President, Community Solar – West
1526 SE Taylor Street | Portland, OR 97214
Phone: 503-701-0792


Ronald D. Wedeking
Vice President, Community Solar – East
354 Pequot Ave. | Southport, CT 06890
Phone: 603-777-6654


  • Who can take part?

    If you pay a monthly energy bill, you can save with REC’s Community Solar Program. Anyone with a utility meter can take part in community solar, regardless of property ownership status. Businesses, renters, non-profits, homeowners and many others can now enjoy the benefits of solar energy without having to own a building with south facing roof in new condition or pay anything upfront. The array is considered utility scale, so the costs are kept low but the benefits are high.
  • What does it cost to sign up?

    Nothing. All that is required is an energy bill, an agreement to subscribe, and an interest in participating in the most exciting clean energy concept today. With no money down, you can subscribe and immediately begin earning energy credits that will provide savings while offering the benefits of going solar.
  • How many years does a solar array last?

    The initial agreement for community solar is 20 years of guaranteed savings for subscribers. REC’s Community Solar utility-scale arrays will be well maintained throughout the service life, so these projects are expected to produce electricity for 35 to 45 years, well beyond the original subscription.
  • Does it cost any money to subscribe?

    No! All that is required is a willingness to subscribe for up to 20 years of monthly energy savings and a credit score above 700.
  • What happens if I move?

    If you move within the same utility service territory and wholesale supply zone, you can easily transfer your savings and subscription to another meter number. If you move outside your utility area, you can drop your subscription so the clean energy can be enjoyed by another local business or resident. Fees may apply.
  • Where does the power from the solar array go?

    Directly into the utility grid. The utility pays for the power produced to the individual subscriber members accounts as a credit on their energy bill.
  • Does REC have experience in Community Solar?

    REC’s leadership team has built a pipeline of over 100 Megawatts of community solar arrays over the past 5 years. You can be confident that our arrays will be engineered with precision, built with excellence, administered by experienced solar professionals, and that our teams will provide outstanding customer service.