"These guys did a gorgeous job on the installation, everyone was very professional. No exposed conduit or cabling. We really worried that the installation would look “industrial”. We used Kyocera panels for their low profile and clean look because the panels had to be on the front of the house. They look good. The SMA Inverters run very efficiently. This is a big system so we needed two of them."

Duncan MathisonLa Mesa, CA

10.9 kW

Duncan came to REC Solar concerned about the aesthetics of installing a new system on his front roof. His roof was south facing with the electrical near a primary entrance that would present a design challenge for any installer. After choosing REC, he was very pleased with the extra attention to detail and uncompromising dedication to the system’s finished appearance.

More Customer Testimonials

  • REC designed and installed a photo voltaic system for our home. They did the research to size the system, secured the building permits, and installed the system on our roof. They instructed us on its operation and showed us how to keep track of its production. They handled all of the paperwork with SDG&E and the state rebate program.
    Dennis Wahl, San Diego, CA
  • I am pleased with REC for their professional service, their low cost, their responsiveness, their good communication, and especially their excellent staff.
    James Wang, San Diego, CA
  • I had shopped 3 different vendors. Two companies sent out contractors as opposed to actual company representatives. It was clear their knowledge was far shorter than I was comfortable with. For example, the sizing did not make sense and the numbers were presented in a confusing and somewhat misleading manner. However, REC Solar was a breath of fresh air. John, the sales guy really knew his stuff. The analysis of our energy use and estimated system performance was clear. We are getting about 19% better performance than predicted. It sure is fun to see the meter spin backwards. When I wake up and see a sunny day I think, "It's a great day for solar power!"
    Duncan Mathison, San Diego, CA
  • REC Solar is a top notch company. We first talked to their salespeople at a booth they had at the Carlsbad Costco. They were extremely knowledgeable and very professional. They described the pros and cons of a solar electric system and broke down all of the costs and the rebates that were available to offset some of the upfront cost of a system. Once we made the decision to buy a solar power system, the design and quotation process went along reasonably smoothly. They handled all of the permitting with the city and all other paperwork with SDG&E so the system could be hooked up to the power grid. I was very pleased in all my dealings with REC Solar personnel and I would rate them as an outstanding company that delivers what they promise and in the time frame agreed upon.
    Michael Townsend, San Diego, CA

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    2.9 kW
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