"These guys did a gorgeous job on the installation, everyone was very professional. No exposed conduit or cabling. We really worried that the installation would look “industrial”. We used Kyocera panels for their low profile and clean look because the panels had to be on the front of the house. They look good. The SMA Inverters run very efficiently. This is a big system so we needed two of them."

Duncan MathisonLa Mesa, CA

10.9 kW

Duncan came to REC Solar concerned about the aesthetics of installing a new system on his front roof. His roof was south facing with the electrical near a primary entrance that would present a design challenge for any installer. After choosing REC, he was very pleased with the extra attention to detail and uncompromising dedication to the system’s finished appearance.

More Customer Testimonials

  • REC Solar was prompt in responding and providing an estimate for solar installation. Two other solar companies failed to show for their appointments to give estimates. They presented us with options based on our annual usage and discussions with us, and recommended the lower costing system. The estimate and installation information were clearly presented and all questions patiently answered.
    Tere Ede, San Diego, CA
  • It was an amazing experience. Everything happened on schedule. The consultant was clear and concise, never pushy, and answered all my questions in an easily digestible way. The project manager contacted me within estimated time-frame and worked with my scheduling particulars. The installers were clean, polite, and respectful, and treated my house with the utmost care. On the whole, I can say that I have never had a contractor experience that was as smooth and painless as this one. Thank you REC!
    Adam Matar, San Diego, CA
  • Excellent experience overall. Excellent sales rep and presentation of service and options. They even installed it 2 months ahead of schedule due to some scheduling shifts. Very professional staff overall. Overall, I am extremely happy and it was a hassle free process that I would highly recommend to anyone.
    Christopher Swindull, San Diego, CA
  • I am pleased with REC for their professional service, their low cost, their responsiveness, their good communication, and especially their excellent staff.
    James Wang, San Diego, CA

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    3 kW
  • Orange County, CA
    2.9 kW
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