"Each and every REC employee that worked here was extremely conscientious, very considerate and helpful, and displayed a commendable work ethic. As we wrapped up and installed the TED, the system was producing 6,100 watts at the inverter and 5,920 at the house. We love it and can’t wait to turn it on permanently."

Stephen YostArroyo Grande, CA

7.2 kW

Stephen had seen several REC Solar installations in his neighborhood, and was tired of high electricity bills. After speaking with several of his satisfied friends and neighbors, he consulted with REC Solar on a solar solution for his home. Stephen had a location in mind, which provided low visibility to neighbors and maximum electrical production. He has now joined his neighbors in bringing solar to the main stream.

More Customer Testimonials

  • REC Solar was the most professional and knowledgeable of all the companies in the area. In the first year, we had a 9.45% return on investment and in the second year, we had an 11.3% ROI. As the cost of electricity continues to increase, our ROI will continue getting better. Solar was by far the best investment we could have made.
    Martin V., Lompoc, CA
  • We were paying more than $400 a month for electricity and it just kept going up and up and up. After carefully researched his options, including installing a wind turbine, we settled on a 7.5-kilowatt rooftop solar system from REC Solar in San Luis Obispo. It took the technicians three days to install the 35 photovoltaic panels and the effect of the new system on our family’s electric bill is dramatic. It went from $415 to $5 a month. The $5 is a fee PG&E charges to be connected to the grid. It’s the best investment we’ve ever made. Part of our retirement plan is the solar panels on my roof.
    Phil K., Pismo Beach, CA
  • REC Solar's presentation, documentation and pricing won the day. In addition, it was really a turnkey operation. They did all the permitting and floating the state rebate was a real plus. It was a great experience working with them; they followed up, returned phone calls promptly, and showed up when promised. I had several conversations with the engineering staff discussing my options and again they were helpful. The installation crew was neat, cleaned up and did a nice looking install. I would (in fact I have) recommend REC Solar without reservation.
    Dave P., San Luis Obispo, CA

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    11 kW
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    6 kW
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    7 kW
  • Santa Maria, CA
    6.6 kW
  • Santa Maria, CA
    6.6 kW
  • Santa Ynez, CA
    7.74 kW
  • Lompoc, CA
    3.36 kW
  • San Luis Obispo, CA
    8 kW
  • Los Osos, CA
    3 kW
  • Atascadero, CA
    7 kW
  • Nipomo, CA
    10 kW
  • San Luis Obispo, CA
    4.8 kW
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