Department of Veteran Affairs Multiple Locations

"Solar power is a natural fit for our home state. This installation offers a tremendous opportunity for Arizona, and acts as a model for the rest of America. It is becoming more and more evident that solar addresses some of the largest challenges we currently face, and SAVAHCS is proactively addressing these issues" Gabrielle Giffords, Former Arizona Congresswoman

Project Details

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) goal is to increase their renewable energy consumption to at least 5% nationwide. The competitive award of 18 solar electric PV systems to REC Solar since 2009 will help the VA meet that goal.

REC Solar completed all design/build grid tied solar electric PV projects as both the prime and general contractor. Sites awarded in the last three years include fixed and tracking ground mounts, cantilevered and canopy carports, and roof mounts throughout 6 states across the United States. Specific project site achievements include:
• Los Angeles, CA - Upon completion in 2013, largest overall system (8.6 MW) at any VA facility
• Tucson, AZ - First single-axis tracker system at any VA facility
• Temple, TX - First non-penetrating, ballasted ground mount on a landfill at any VA facility
• Reno, NV - First carport canopy atop a parking structure at any VA facility

Department of Veteran Affairs projects competitively awarded

Project Name Size Install Type*
West Los Angeles, CA VA Medical Center 9 MW C, G, R
Tucson, AZ VA Health Care System 3.2 MW C, T
Temple, TX VA Health Care System 2.6 MW G
Prescott, AZ VA Medical Center 1.8 MW G
Bay Pines, FL VA Medical Center 1.5 MW C, R
Martinez, CA VA Medical Center 776 kW C, R
Monterey, CA VA Medical Center 784 kW C, R
Reno, NV VA Medical Center 480 kW C, R
Palo Alto, CA VA Health Care System 257 kW R
Riverside, CA VA Cemetery 242kW C
West Haven, CT VA Medical Center 197 kW R
Long Beach, CA VA Medical Center 178 kW R
San Joaquin, CA Cemetery 174kW G
Fresno, CA VA Medical Center 110 kW C
Miami, FL VA Medical Center 163 kW R

* Installation Type: R = Roof, C = Carport, G = Ground, T = Tracker

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