Anahola Kaua’i, HI

"The benefits are significant. By using the RUS-approved funds for solar development, the cooperative moves closer to giving our members the clean, renewable energy they have asked for. - Phil Tacbian, KIUC BOARD CHAIRMAN "

Project Details

In December 2011, KIUC Renewable Solutions One, LLC awarded the engineering, procurement, and construction contract for a 12 MW AC (14.53 MW DC) ground mount system to REC Solar, Inc. This is the second utility-scale project that REC Solar and KIUC have developed together. As a result of these efforts, KIUC was awarded Solar Utility of the Year at the Solar Power Generation USA conference in February 2012.
The system was designed to maximize the land to generate the greatest amount of power and provide a system to withstand the corrosive Hawaiian coastal environment, minimizing maintenance costs. The inverters will be housed in enclosures designed to protect the inverters and associated equipment from sun, wind, rain, dust, and vandalism. KIUC will also be integrating a battery storage system to control intermittency and act as a source of spinning reserves while providing frequency and voltage ancillary services.

Environmental Benefits
Once the system is complete, it will generate over 565,000 MWh of clean electricity over 25 years, which is equivalent to one of the following:
• CO2 emissions from over 894 thousand barrels of oil consumed
• CO2 emissions from over 43 million gallons of gasoline consumed
• Annual greenhouse gas emissions from over 75 thousand cars
• Carbon sequestered by 9.8 million trees grown for ten years

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