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Solar for Retail and Distribution

Leading Retailers and Distributors Choose REC Solar

Retailers and distributors face a challenging environment. Many actively seek ways to differentiate themselves for their customers, while also addressing rising energy costs, sustainability and business results. REC Solar helps address all these challenges with an easy turnkey solar solution – and where appropriate we provide new revenue opportunities too.

We are experts in solar for retailers and distributors. REC Solar installations include retail and distribution facilities throughout the U.S. Major brands like Costco, IKEA, Longs Drug, Safeway, Big 5 Sporting Goods and Albertsons have embraced REC Solar’s expertise installing solar systems nationwide. We help lower operating costs, increase brand association with “sustainability”, and help new buildings comply with the latest energy-efficiency code requirements. Where available, we identify financing options that make solar a “no upfront cost” decision.

We also partner with retailers to offer solar systems directly to customers, becoming the first solar provider to partner with a national retail chain to install systems on stores and jointly sell residential systems in store. We can also work with you to determine if a residential solar program is right for you and your employees.

We help every step of the way. For your retail and distributor locations, REC Solar works closely with your company’s managers and executives to identify the right sites, technology and financing alternatives to maximize benefit to your organization. We identify project obstacles early on, manage each step of the design and construction process, and help you promote the switch to clean, sustainable energy.

Why Our Experience Matters

Company's trust REC Solar to reap solar energy’s many benefits because:

  • We maximize ROI, especially on multi-store, multi-region rollouts. REC Solar understands complex energy rate tariffs from one utility to the next and building codes from one municipality to the next throughout the U.S. With hundreds of solar professionals we can scale projects to meet the needs of national brands, on time, in budget. And we have experience with nearly every type of solution needed to adapt to various building roof sizes, shapes and locations.
  • We provide flexible solutions for leased facilities and changing markets. REC Solar recognizes retail environments change quickly. To accommodate leased facilities or consolidated retail locations, we provide options ranging from ballasted roof-mount systems that minimize roof penetrations, to the use of lightweight products, and options for easy relocation of your solar system if needed. This provides you with the flexibility needed over the long term.
  • We net out the savings for all your options. Solar makes financial sense in many areas – sometimes in places where you would least expect. Paybacks can be less than a year where financing and certain incentives are available, and less than five years even without available incentives. We analyze all the options available to your business, help you choose the best design and products available and present findings your CFO and other executives will understand.
  • We treat your locations and their contents as if they were our own. REC Solar knows how critical the “open” sign and protection of inventory under the roof are to the business. Our experience managing multiple system installations across the U.S., combined with a wide range of low- or no-penetration system design options, ensures interconnections go smoothly, store downtime is minimized, and the store inventories will be protected from the elements.
  • We make it easy to turn your available space into a financial asset. REC Solar’s experience installing thousands of systems nationwide provides you with the confidence and assurance you need to turn your roof, land, or parking lot into a productive asset that lowers your operating costs and improves your bottom line.

Some key reasons our customers chose solar and REC Solar:

  • REC Solar is proven with over a decade of experience in solar installations nationwide
  • Expert advice in evaluating financing and incentives options
  • Can be financed with minimal upfront investment in many cases
  • Full-maintenance and monitoring services
  • Turns roof space into a productive asset that generates operating savings
  • Is available nearly everywhere
  • Is modular – sizes vary to fit individual stores
  • Is noise free
  • Has no moving parts for low maintenance
  • Has a 30-year lifespan or more
  • Emits no pollution - 100% clean electricity
  • Impacts consumer buying decisions – 92% of people surveyed view solar favorably (link to page)
  • Installed quickly
  • Positive impact on the brand – we know how to get the word out with attention-grabbing PR
  • REC Solar makes it easy!

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