Federal Agencies

Federal Solar - REC Solar REC Solar works with Federal Agencies, other Government Contractors, Public Utilities, and Developers to build reliable solar power plants to meet Federal renewable energy goals.


Simplifying Federal Contracting and Policy Compliance

REC Solar recognizes the challenges involved with meeting Executive Orders on energy reduction and incorporation of renewables as part of an energy profile.

We also share the goal to ensure fiscal funds are used responsibly in executing an agency’s renewable energy plan in the most efficient manner while maintaining compliance with the numerous FAR / DFAR procurement requirements. Whether you seek a prime contractor that self-performs the development and execution of a turnkey solar-electric solution, or you need an experienced solar expert to support your project team, REC Solar offers solar solutions backed by our warranties and/or production guarantees.

Our experienced team works directly with you to successfully implement the complex regulatory, financial and governmental compliance requirements involved in developing and procuring turnkey solar power solutions. REC Solar holds several Federal procurement vehicles that accelerate implementation of Federal renewable energy projects:

GSA Schedule

REC Solar was competitively awarded a GSA Contract on the Facilities Maintenance and Management Schedule 03 FAC / SIN 871-209 to contract fully-integrated turnkey solar power systems through a 60-day, single-procurement process. We customize solutions to meet your facility’s needs at competitively discounted prices.

Download the REC Solar GSA Catalog

UNICOR / FPI Interagency Agreement

REC Solar holds an IDIQ and Teaming Agreement with UNICOR/FPI that allows your agency to meet or exceed its renewable energy goals and greenhouse gas emission reduction mandates. Through an Interagency Agreement (IAA), agencies can streamline procurement and rely on FPI's contracting expertise to bring large-scale renewable energy sources to their facilities and campuses. This IAA serves as a conduit for long-term Energy Savings Agreements (ESAs).

Department of Energy Qualified ESCO

Under the Federal Energy Management Program, REC Solar is listed on the DOE Qualified List of Energy Service Companies (ESCO) and has been vetted by a Qualification Review Board comprised of Federal Interagency Energy Management Task Force representatives and DOE staff. This authorizes REC Solar to offer energy efficiency improvements (including renewably generated solar power) under performance-based contracting authority with Federal agencies, including 25-year Energy Savings Agreements (ESAs).


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