Corporate and High Tech

Corporate operations and high tech companies consume large amounts of energy for climate control, IT and data center operations, and other purposes. For those owning building and property, solar electric systems provide lower operating costs, increased control over long-term electricity rates, and improved public relations and corporate compliance with sustainability policy goals.

REC Solar works closely with your company’s managers and executives to identify the right site, technology and financing alternatives. We identify project obstacles early on, manage each step of the design and construction process, and help you promote the switch to clean, sustainable energy.

Key reasons our corporate and high tech customers tell us they chose solar and REC Solar:

  • REC Solar is proven with over a decade of experience in solar installations nationwide
  • Expert advice in evaluating financing and incentives options
  • Full-maintenance and monitoring services
  • More predictable energy costs
  • Popular with the employees and customers
  • Is available nearly everywhere
  • Is modular – sizes vary to fit individual buildings
  • Is noise free
  • Has few or no moving parts for low maintenance
  • Has a 30-year lifespan or more
  • Emits no pollution — 100% clean electricity
  • Can be financed with minimal or no upfront investment in many cases
  • Is installed quickly
  • Positive influence on company brand when combined with attention-grabbing public relations campaigns
  • Supports corporate sustainability and environmental compliance policies
  • REC Solar makes it easy!
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