Directly harvest the sun's energy

American farmers and agribusiness owners are outpacing other industries in their adoption of solar. REC Solar has built strong partnerships with many of these businesses and has delivered long-term, sustainable value.

REC Solar helps agriculture businesses:

  • Significantly reduce operational expenses
  • Take control of rising utility costs
  • Increase savings per acre
  • Offset cold storage cooling costs

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"REC Solar is the clear leader in helping California farms go solar, and going with them was an easy decision."

- David Wesley, Director of Projects, Windset Farms





Many wineries have been early adopters of solar energy to power their vineyard and tasting room operations.  Vintners and growers have experienced the benefits firsthand; solar delivers significant cost savings, brings predictability to energy bills, and builds brand loyalty with customers, employees and communities.




Unlike solar firms that present only one financing solution, REC Solar will provide you with multiple options and compare the different cash flows and returns. Our consultants will work with you to determine the right financing strategy for your company.


How NEM-A Can Help California Businesses Go Solar

In March of 2014, PG&E began accepting applications for their Aggregate Net Metering program also referred to as NEM-A enacted by SB 594, with other California Utilities (including SCE & SDG&E) soon to follow. This new version of net metering, known as “meter aggregation,” allows landowners to choose the best location for solar or wind on their property and then use the power generated to offset their bills from any of their electricity meters on the same or contiguous properties.