REC Solar specializes in commercial solar project design and installation, offering the latest photovoltaic technology, state of the art equipment, and flexible financing packages for businesses and large organizations. Our seasoned staff of professionals and engineers make solar a profitable and sustainable solution for businesses across America.



We provide end-to-end solar services with tailored financing to help commercial energy customers reduce energy costs, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrate corporate sustainability. REC Solar is different than other solar companies: we are truly a one-stop-shop for commercial solar solutions. With REC Solar, you can rest easy knowing that all project stages will managed by one experienced team; including financing, design, engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance. 

REC Solar was founded in 1997 by Judy Staley and Fred Sisson. Over 18 years, REC Solar has installed more than 500 commercial solar systems in California, Hawaii, and nationwide, representing more than 170 megawatts of projects. In 2015, Duke Energy, the largest utility in the United States, made a significant investment into REC Solar in order to promote the growth and development of commercial solar solutions in America.





  • Challenges make us stronger and we enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done. We take action, work smart, have fun, and maintain a positive outlook.
  • We lead by example and use honesty, integrity, and open communications in our interactions.
  • We strive to continually grow and improve as individuals, as a team, and as a company.
  • We maintain a cost-conscious attitude, promote increased efficiency, and ensure quality.
  • We believe in sustainability and environmental stewardship, not only in our products and services, but also in the way we operate.
  • We achieve customer satisfaction by honoring our commitments, exceeding expectations, and providing the highest quality products and services.