GE Charging Stations Now Available

GE charging stationsExciting news, REC Solar is leading the charge (pun intended) into the electric vehicle (EV) space! REC Solar is now proudly offering a turnkey EV Charging station in conjunction with your solar installation. The GE wattstation, our preferred EV charging station solution, is now available. This product launch has been made possible by our latest supplier General Electric.

By working with GE to offer charging stations, the REC Solar team has made the strategic decision to participate in the up and coming EV wave.

We believe that EVs are going to be big; (So does GM, Ford, Nissan, and Toyota), and we want to be a part of it. Not only are electric vehicles becoming a popular choice for transportation, but studies show that nearly 50% of EV buyers want residential solar to power their EV charging stations.

By combining charging station with solar, you can truly drive emission free and get the most out of your EV mileage.

Did you know a level 2 EV charger cuts the charge time for your EV in half, and lets you charge your EV in 4-8 hours versus 16 or more with a standard 110 plug?

This makes home charging convenient and effective. Combine it with solar power, and you are saving time, money and the planet -- a winning formula! For more information on how to get started with your charging station installation, please call 1-888-657-6527.

- Cary Hayes, REC Solar

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